Delivering Value Through Data, Part 6A: Change Management

In this installment of his series on “Delivering Value Through Data”, Rich Peters focuses on change management which, he says, is really all about people. We all call it change management, but it really addresses the people component of a strategy. When it comes to a data strategy, I often refer to change management as […]

How to Build Your Data Strategy – Part 3 The Roadmap

In the fifth installment of his comprehensive series, “Delivering Value Through Data”, Rich Peters helps you show the organization when each component of the data strategy gets implemented. The previous article in this series focused on the Assessment phase, which describes where you are today and how you will deliver each element to get to your data […]

How to Build a Data Strategy – Part 2: The Assessment

Rich Peters’ second of three articles on building a data strategy focuses on the Assessment. The assessment phase is where your data vision and strategy meet reality. This is where you map out your current state for each of the core elements (people, process, technology and data) and combine that with your key objectives and […]

How to Build a Data Strategy: Part 1 of 3

For the next three installments in his complete series on delivering value through data, Rich Peters walks you step-wise through creation of a comprehensive data strategy. This is the third in a series of what will be at least eight articles on how to deliver business value through data. In the previous article in this series, […]

How to write your Data Vision and Data Mission Statements

In the second installment of his series on delivering value through data, Rich Peters shares how to lay a strong foundation for program success. A data vision statement and a data mission statement are two very powerful tools. They can unify an entire organization’s efforts and act as the focal point that continually guide everyone’s […]

A practical guide to delivering value through data

Today many organizations want to be data driven, some have started by hiring data scientists, or they are planning a digital transformation.  Why? It is the belief that they can deliver efficiency, higher revenue or perhaps even find new opportunities using data.  Ultimately it is about trying to drive higher value for their stakeholders.   So […]